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Attention: Marketers Who Are Sick Of Scraping By!
Local Businesses Are Failing MISERABLY And Will Pay You HUGE FEES To Help Solve This Problem!
Now... I'm going to spill the beans and show you exactly how to help them and land high paying, pre-qualified clients!
Chris Beatty
Founder, Rapid Fire Media LLC
Dear Struggling Entrepreneur,

It's not very often you come across an opportunity to practically hand pick the clients you want to work with. 

Over the past couple years, there's been a huge "push" by Google that's opening a lot of doors for prepared local marketers.

This push has caused a lot of controversy in the market place but when you play in someone else's back yard, you play by their rules. 

Lucky for you, this "squeeze" on local businesses is practically throwing clients in your lap.

Are you ready for them?
This Is The "Push" I'm Talking About And How It's Opening The Doors For Marketers Of All Experience Levels!
This big push is called PAY TO PLAY! 

Meaning... If you want to show up in Google "Above The Fold" where 90% of the clicks go, you're going to have to pay to be there.

Surely you've heard of Google AdWords, right?

It's all the "green" highlighted areas below:
Does anything in that image stand out like a sore thumb?

Of course it does!

When I performed that search last night, only ONE BUSINESS showed up above the fold that didn't pay to be there!

That's proof of Google "squeezing" local businesses into PAYING them if they want a chance to get any of the clicks.

Need more proof?

Check out Google's Ad Revenue Growth since 2001.
A nearly 20% increase from 2013 to 2014 and the number from 2015 will be much higher due to all the search "real estate" they are now using on Paid Ads.

Point taken?

Ok, let's keep going...
This New "Pay To Play" Squeeze On Local Businesses Means BIG OPPORTUNITY For YOU!
So now we have a little "pain" in the marketplace that we can use to our advantage.

Local businesses have now accepted their fate that they must start using Google AdWords.

So they are trying... bless their hearts!

When I say trying, I mean TRYING and FAILING miserably and THEY KNOW IT!

The ones who are brave enough to make that leap are setting up their campaigns thinking this is finally going to get the phones ringing again.

After all, that's what they are led to believe by the "Big G"

Sadly, they are left sitting by the phone waiting for SOMEONE to call in need of their services and it's just NOT HAPPENING!

BUT BUT BUT "I'm paying all this money for these ads and nothing is happening...but what else can I do?"

That's exactly what's going though every single one of those business owners minds.

They are simply "doing it" BLINDLY because they have no choice.

And they feel helpless.....

That's the pain that you're going to cure for them!
"But Chris... I Don't Know Anything About AdWords And I Can't Sell Ice To An Eskimo"
Well, I thought you might say that!

And lucky for you.. I don't suck at sales and I know exactly how you can close these clients.

You see, sales really isn't hard if you know the right strings to pull and you know exactly how to craft a sales pitch that get's business owners excited.

Done the right way... they'll be CALLING YOU begging for your help!

Since we know that MOST business owners need the exact same thing, we can use that to our advantage!

Here's what we know about local business owners!
  • All business owners want more qualified live phone calls coming into their business on a daily basis.
  • All business owners know exactly who their competition is and will do ANYTHING to be one step ahead of them!
  • All business owners HATE to be bothered by "marketing folks" like you and me and are very skeptical because they've been burned over and over!
Armed with that knowledge, we can practically "cherry pick" the clients we want to work with.

You see, I've been closing "PPC Clients" since 2012 so all you have to do is simply follow my lead!

This is the exact method I've used for more than 3 years and it keeps getting easier and easier because Google keeps inflicting more and more pain on local businesses!
Here's How I Close "PPC Clients" On Autopilot And Why My Competition Is Just Scraping By!
Where most people go wrong when trying to sell "PPC" services to local businesses is they go too hard and "Salesy" out the gate.

It's so much simpler if you give some value up front and then have a LOW TICKET offer that gets your foot in the door.

Listen, once you get a business to give you $1... your relationship changes on a fundamental level.

According to Marketing Metrics, you have a 70% probability of converting an EXISTING client into a recurring revenue service.

And... only a 5-20% chance of converting a NEW client into a recurring revenue service. 

With that knowledge... 

Why the heck would you spin your wheels trying to sell a high ticket recurring offer for PPC services out of the gate to businesses who don't have a relationship with you?

By doing that, you are CHOOSING to do business THE HARD WAY!

It's fundamentally and statistically WRONG and I forbid you from doing it going forward.

So if you're not supposed to offer them a recurring offer UP FRONT, what the heck do you offer them?
  • Your NUMBER 1 GOAL with a new customer is to provide a great customer experience.
  • Second, the offer MUST allow you to complete the service quickly and thoroughly!
  • And last, the offer MUST strategically position you as an expert in PPC marketing!
Here's the simple answer:
Landing Page Set Up & Optimization Is Your Strategic, Easy To Sell Foot In The Door Offer!
By TEACHING them how to get better results from their AdWords campaign FOR FREE, you are instantly positioned as the authority!

Then, offering a simple "done for you" solution to take care of all the dirty work for them for a small one time fee, you are instantly positioned as the expert and soon to be hero.

And it doesn't require a "recurring commitment" which increases the amount of sales you make up front.

So is this "Landing Page Optimization" service really a thing...?

YES, according to UnBounce

Roughly 80% of paid search traffic is sent to one of the following page types:
  • The company homepage (most common)
  • A sign-up or registration page
  • A shopping cart page
  • A product detail page
Not only do landing pages convert more traffic into pre-qualified leads for local businesses...

But because the landing pages are so targeted to the ad, they also reduce the average cost per click due to higher quality scores. 

In other words... YES it's a "thing"

So the incredible number of businesses who are just flat out doing it wrong, combined with this new "Pay To Play" era is the PERFECT STORM for you to snatch up some PPC clients. 

And I want to help you with the release of my
The PPC Client Funnel is my proven lead generation and foot in the door funnel for closing PPC prospects on autopilot!

The sole purpose of this Done For You foot in the door funnel is to get a prospect to PAY YOU SOMETHING for landing page optimization.

You see.... through lots of tests I figured out a way to strategically pull at the "pain points" these businesses are dealing with on a daily basis.

Now, I simply implement this strategy every single time I want to bring in new customers into my business.

And this new "Pay To Play" push makes it feel like shooting fish in a barrel!

I mean, Google is FORCING local businesses to use this service and one thing we know for sure is they are DOING IT WRONG..... 

That's what I call #MoneyInTheBank

So it's time for you to get a piece of that pie!

Sound Good?

Well.... For a limited time, I've decided to give you EVERYTHING!
Here's what you'll get access to when you invest in the PPC Client Funnel Today!
Your PPC Client Funnel Includes...
  • Your High Converting "AdWords Best Practices Lead Magnet" -   The lead magnet educates your prospects on how they can make a few simple changes to their AdWords campaigns and get better results! You get full private label rights and can slap your name on it as the author to position yourself as the authority!- $199 Value
  • Your Follow Up Emails - This is a series of 5 emails that educate your leads and promotes your Video Sales Letter (read below) just in case they don't take you up on your offer the first time around! Each email is crafted to pull at all the "pain strings" these businesses are feeling. In sales, the fortune is in the follow up so these are critical!   - $175 Value
  • Your "Landing Page Optimization" Video Sales Letter - This VSL is your "Foot In The Door Offer" to get PPC Clients paying you. It's all about Landing Page Optimization. Simply put, you'll offer a done for you solution to set up a highly targeted landing page to convert more of their traffic into LEADS! This is a ONE TIME payment offer designed to get you as many clients as possible. - $325 Value
  • Your Direct Response Sales Letter - For those who want to get a bigger bang for their buck and get better results, this is ABSOLUTE GOLD! It's a direct response sales letter that can be mailed or emailed to prospects. It educates business owners about why they need to be using an Optimized Landing Page for their AdWords campaigns AND gets them to pick up the phone and CALL YOU! - $325 Value
Value: $1024
(actual costs paid to a copywriter)
This Is EVERYTHING You Need To Land These High Value, Pre-Qualified PPC Clients!
Here are some testimonials from local marketers who purchased my last "Done 4 You Funnel"
Sure you could write your own lead magnet, do your own copywriting, craft the perfect prospecting emails, make your own video sales letter and figure out how to package it all up through trial and error... 

but that takes time and a whole lot of money you probably don't have or want to spend.

So why on earth would you do that?

I've already done the hard work for you by hiring an experienced copywriter, crafting the perfect "automated" sales pitch and testing the waters on REAL PROSPECTS. 

Now, you get the shortcut on both Time and Money!

I know that time is your most valuable asset because it's the only thing in life we can't get back once it's gone!

But, I know you care about the almighty pocket book.

So let's talk about money for a minute!

The Video Sales Letter alone would cost you $325 minimum and you'd have to find a copywriter with experience writing mesmerizing sales copy in the "Local Marketing" niche!

Compared to that, you're getting this entire "PPC Client Funnel" for a small fraction of the cost.

Remember, the whole pack includes a high value lead magnet, a 5 email follow up sequence, a high converting video sales letter AND the direct response sales letter.

Look, you're not going to pay anywhere close to the $1024 I paid my copywriter for these prospecting tools.

In fact...
You Can Get This Done For You "Foot In The Door Funnel" Today
Those Who Act Quickly Will Also Get This Amazing Bonus!
The Ultimate YouTube Spy Tool
  • Keyword Harvester - Search YouTube suggest to find hidden keywords and help speed up your keyword research time. Everyone hates keyword research... well, not anymore!
  • Keyword Analyzer - See how many competing videos there are, the average views, when videos were uploaded, number of thumbs up/down, comments and much more.
  • Keyword Rank Checker - Easy One Click Rank Checking your YouTube videos for as many keywords as you want… No need for a separate rank checking tool.
  • Video Uploader - You can upload your videos directly to YouTube and add your keyword tags with a couple clicks. You can do EVERYTHING from one central dashboard!

Built On Adobe Air

That makes this powerful software available for both PC and MAC users and it's lightening fast!
This Software Is For Sale RIGHT NOW For $49.95 But You Get It FREE
Obviously we've made an incredible offer for you today that we absolutely cannot make available for very long!

As soon as this promotion is over, we'll immediately raise the price to $197.... which is still a huge bargain for a complete "Business In A Box" like you're getting today! And that's NOT HYPE.

The price will rise to the bargain price of $197 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time On March 6th, 2015!

And after you send us your testimonial of all the success you're having, we'll easily be able to package this up and sell it on webinars for $497 or more.

So please act fast today to guarantee you get the lowest possible price!
For A Small Investment Of:
PPC Client Funnel
But There's One Very Important Thing You Need To Know...
This special offer will be removed as soon as I feel like too many people have it.

Because this foot in the door funnel is very profitable for my own business, I simply don't want it available to the masses for very long!

But no worries.

I'm all about simplicity, which includes giving you an easy decision to make.

So even with this special launch price, I'm still willing to offer an insane guarantee just to put your little heart at ease!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our "Money Where Your Mouth Is" Guarantee

Use the PPC Client Funnel to prospect for new businesses for a full 30 days just as I show you. Really USE IT! If you show me that you gave it a real attempt and couldn't get results, I'll happily refund every penny!

This works 100% so I know you are going to get results if you use it! If you're a serial refunder who buys and immediately asks for a refund without doing anything with the product, please move on and save us both the hassle!

I am here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions at all, email me and I'll help you to the best of my ability!
Now That I've Put All The Risk On My Own Shoulders...
What Are You Waiting For?
Invest Today For Just
Again, this is Chris Beatty and I want to personally thank you for reading this letter today. I can't wait to get your testimonial about all the clients you're landing using The PPC Client Funnel!
Until next time...Prospect and Prosper!
P.S: Look, we all have a little "disposable" income that comes in week after week. The question is, what do you spend it on? I recommend you take a very small chunk of that and invest it in a long term asset for your business.

If you've read this far, you obviously could benefit from landing more high value clients. If you decide not to purchase today, you'll be in the exact same predicament tomorrow...looking for the next "big thing" that's going to help you get clients.

Don't do that! 

Click that buy button above and invest in the future of your business, today!

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