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Important Message For Local Marketers:
Imagine Turning $1 into $43 Over And Over Again With An Often "Overlooked" Marketing Strategy!
Producing results like these will GET YOU PAID!
Chris Beatty
Founder, Rapid Fire Media LLC
Dear Struggling Entrepreneur,

My name is Chris Beatty and I’ve been a successful local marketing consultant since 2012.

Before we go any further I want to tell you something…

Whether you’re struggling to make your first $1, or struggling to scale up… I’m here to help.
I’ve been where you are… I know what it feels like and I KNOW how to overcome it.
With that said… today I want to tell you about a HUGE gold-mine that, right now, is being completely ignored by marketers AND local businesses…

and I want to show you HOW you can take advantage of it.

If you’ve been around the marketing world for any period of time, you’ll have probably heard the following saying;

“The money is in the list”

And it’s true. For every single subscriber on your list, it’s estimated they are worth at the MINIMUM $1/month to you on average. 

You can quickly imagine the power of that number when you start scaling to 10,15,20 thousand subscribers or more.

You know it. I know it… 

but there’s a LARGE marketplace that doesn’t know about that and are willing to pay TOP dollar for the results it generates!

Local Businesses.
Local businesses are often late to the party when it comes to online marketing techniques, and email marketing is no different.
It’s the PERFECT solution to a LOT of their problems; 
  • It gets MORE customers through their doors
  • It INCREASES brand loyalty
  • It DECREASES advertising costs.
  • It can INCREASE their audience base
  • And most important... it produces a 4300% Return On Investment
All HUGE wins for the business, and all mean they can afford to pay you HUGE sums of $$$ to do it for them!

But that’s the problem….

You may not know HOW to go about setting up their email marketing campaign… or perhaps you do but you have NO idea how to go about selling to these local businesses?

Luckily for you…

You don’t have too.

I've put together a solution to that problem that will allow you to become one of the highest paid email marketing experts in your local area!
"But Chris... I heard email marketing doesn't work anymore. It's DEAD!"
First, that's a bunch of B.S. to put it bluntly!

Email marketing continues to produce higher ROI's than any other form of marketing.

I've personally experienced this in my business and countless other successful business owners can attest to the same results.

You see, the people who say email marketing is dead are the people who simply don't know what they are doing when it comes to email marketing.

It's 100% possible that you can go out there today and start trying to do email marketing... and your results could SUCK.

That doesn't mean that email marketing is Dead.

Email marketing flat out WORKS if....
  • If you follow a systematic approach to going after the right clients who are PROVEN to get positive results with email!
  • If you follow a systematic approach to building a list the right way.
  • If you follow a systematic approach to writing emails.
  • If you follow a systematic approach to crafting results producing email campaigns.
Knowing exactly how to do all of those things, you can practically guarantee that you will get results for yourself and your clients.

I've been doing email marketing for myself and clients with AMAZING results since 2012 and I can no longer keep all that to myself.

So that's why I want to help you with my new course.

Local List Formula is EVERYTHING you need to not only become an expert on email marketing and deliver amazing results, but we are going to show you Exactly how to get clients in the first place.

I've personally sold just about every "Local Marketing" service that exists and I've found that nothing gets my clients more excited than email.

That might surprise you but if you think about it, it makes complete sense.

Sure local businesses might initially be more excited about another service but it takes times to get them results with those other things.

Email produces INSTANT results and when clients see results that quick, they are HAPPY CAMPERS.

Happy campers who will continue paying you a hefty monthly fee to keep producing those results.

So it's time for you to get in on that action!

You agree?

Well.... For a limited time, I've decided to give you EVERYTHING!
Here's what you'll get access to when you invest in the Local List Formula Today!
The Local List Formula Includes:

Module 1 - Client Acquisition
$49 Value

There is low hanging fruit all over the place that is ripe for the picking. In Module 1, I'll show you my secret FACT BASED strategy for finding out who I'll be able to get results for.

It's a fact that email marketing works for every business, but it absolutely works best for certain types. I show you in this module!

Module 2 - Email Super Funnel
$99 Value

If you structure your offers in the exact way I show you, your business will grow.

The Email Super Funnel is designed to get you as many clients as possible for email marketing AND to build RECURRING INCOME. You're building a REAL business here!

Module 3 - List Building
$99 Value

In this module we show you exactly how to build a list for your business and for your clients.

I show you my "Triple Threat" list method that every business must have.

And we talk about list segmentation and lead scoring to maximize ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Module 4 - Email Structure 101
$49 Value

There is a very specific way you need to structure the emails you send out for yourself and for your clients if you want to get results.

This will teach you how to write emails that not only get opened by people on the list, but responded to!

Module 5 - Effective Campaign Creation
$199 Value

In this module I'll teach you all the important parts you need to have an effective email marketing campaign. One that produces RESULTS.

You'll learn my 3 favorite Email Campaigns that you can implement immediately for yourself or for your client.

I call this The Email Campaign Triangle.
Total Value: $495
This Is EVERYTHING You Need To Run Results Producing Email Marketing Campaigns!!
Of course you could accidentally figure out how to create a winning email marketing campaign. Heck, I did so you could too.

But you and I both know that it is a better use of our time to tap into a proven system.

Why lose money and clients in the process of "Figuring it out" when you can make a very small investment for the short cut?

I've already done the hard work for you by putting everything I know about email marketing in an easy to consume program.

One that when followed step by step, will produce results!

I know that time is your most valuable asset because it's the only thing in life we can't get back once it's gone!

But, I'm not blind to the fact that money is sometimes "an issue"

So let's talk about that for a minute!

Each of the 5 modules in this program could easily be sold for $49 just with the content.

Combine that with my "In the trenches" experience and golden nuggets, several of these modules are valued individually at $99 and even $199.

There's absolutely no way you can spend less than $495 "figuring out" everything I teach you in the Local List Formula.

But I promise I'm not going to make you pay anywhere near that $495 price tag 

(Not yet at least)

In fact...
Those Who Act Quickly Will Also Get This Amazing Bonus!
The Ultimate YouTube Spy Tool
  • Keyword Harvester - Search YouTube suggest to find hidden keywords and help speed up your keyword research time. Everyone hates keyword research... well, not anymore!
  • Keyword Analyzer - See how many competing videos there are, the average views, when videos were uploaded, number of thumbs up/down, comments and much more.
  • Keyword Rank Checker - Easy One Click Rank Checking your YouTube videos for as many keywords as you want… No need for a separate rank checking tool.
  • Video Uploader - You can upload your videos directly to YouTube and add your keyword tags with a couple clicks. You can do EVERYTHING from one central dashboard!

Built On Adobe Air

That makes this powerful software available for both PC and MAC users and it's lightening fast!
This Software Is For Sale RIGHT NOW For $49.95 But You Get It FREE
Obviously we've made an incredible offer for you today that we absolutely cannot make available for very long!

As soon as this promotion is over, we'll immediately raise the price to $197.... which is still a huge bargain for a complete "Business In A Box" like you're getting today! And that's NOT HYPE.

The price will rise to the bargain price of $197 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time On March 6th, 2015!

And after you send us your testimonial of all the success you're having, we'll easily be able to package this up and sell it on webinars for $497 or more.

So please act fast today to guarantee you get the lowest possible price!
You Can Get This Results Producing Program For A Small One Time Investment
Local List Formula
That being said, I want to give you something special as a BONUS!
Direct Response Sales Letter
That's right, I want to give you a direct response sales letter that you can use to go out and fill your client pipeline with new email marketing clients IMMEDIATELY.

You can use this in email or direct mail, but one thing is for sure.

It flat out works for getting prospects to respond asking for your help with email marketing.
$199 Value
But There's One Very Important Thing You Need To Know...
This special launch price will end at 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday.

I want to make sure this system works for the long haul so if at any point I feel that too many people have purchased this, I will pull it off the market!

No exceptions!

I'm all about simplicity, which includes giving you an easy decision to make.

So even with this already discounted price and the amazing bonus, I'm still willing to offer an insane guarantee just to put your little heart at ease!

100% Money Back Guarantee

My "Money Where Your Mouth Is" Guarantee

Use the Local List Formula to get new clients for email marketing and then use it to get them RESULTS! 

Really USE IT! If you show me that you gave it a real attempt and couldn't get results, I'll happily refund every penny!

This works 100% so I know you are going to get results if you use it! 

If you're a serial refunder who buys and immediately asks for a refund without doing anything with the product, please move on and save us both the hassle!

I am here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions at all, email me and I'll help you to the best of my ability!
Now That I've Put All The Risk On My Own Shoulders...
What Are You Waiting For?
Click The Button Below To Invest The Local List Formula 
Again, this is Chris Beatty and I want to personally thank you for reading this letter today. I can't wait to get your testimonial about all the clients you're landing and the results you're getting them using The Local List Formula!
Until next time...Prospect and Prosper!
P.S: Look, if all you did was worked your tail off and signed up just ONE new customer in the next month using this system, your ROI on this program would be through the roof.

But you MUST do the work!

If you've read this far, you obviously could benefit from landing more high value clients. If you decide not to purchase today, you'll be in the exact same predicament tomorrow...looking for the next "big thing" that's going to help you get clients and produce results.

Don't do that! 

Click that buy button above and invest in the future of your business, today!
Get The Local List Formula For The Lowest Price Possible TODAY!
Offer Ends TODAY
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